Saema Mohammad

British Pakistani
Profession: Human Resources Consultant
Interests: Empowering women to social action in mosques

In 2012, Saema set up a Mums and Tots self-help group at Wollaton Mosque.  This spurred her passion for serving the community and championing the empowerment of women in Mosques.

Saema conducted research report, ‘Women’s Attitudes towards Attending Masjid’ 2014. She believes we must draw inspiration from the life of Prophet Muhammad and reform our Mosques in UK to cater for all members of the community – women, youth, non-Muslims to tackle the social issues faced by our progressive communities.

Saema is the founder of An-Nisa Network (found in 2014) and leads the management committee on working to deliver services for women, children and the wider communities in mosques seeking to influence cultural change in Mosques.

Saema originates from the West side of Scotland. She moved to Nottingham in 2005.

Her hobbies and interests are going to gym, cinema and walking in the countryside with her husband and 2 sons.

Nergis Ahmed

British Pakistani
Profession: Community Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist
Interests: supporting local charities in events and engaging local Muslim women to mosques

Nergis joined An-Nisa Network in 2015 after attending various events organised by the Network. She was inspired to get involved after seeing the passion of its team of volunteers and witnessing, first-hand, the impact it was having in encouraging the engagement and active participation of women and families with local mosques.

Her aim is to work with An-Nisa Network to help empower communities to develop a more dynamic relationship with mosques in Nottingham, playing an active role in the development of facilities and services for women and children, working with other charities on social projects and bringing communities together

In her spare time, Nergis tries to balance the demands of being a mother of 3 children, devoting time to community projects, spending time with family and friends as well as pursuing her hobbies (such as going to the gym, yoga, playing badminton and supporting her two boys at the side of the pitch every weekend!)

Rehana Bibi

British Pakistani
Profession: Homemaker
Interests: assisting in creating a safe, friendly environment for women and children in a masjid environment

Rehana is originally from Oldham, and moved to Nottingham after marriage in 1994.  She is a mum to 5 children.

Rehana is interested in creating new friendships, volunteering in local events and encouraging women into mosques.

She joined An-Nisa Network team in 2018 after regularly volunteering at the Friday Coffee Morning sessions and helping out at ANN led community events.

Her hobbies and interests are sewing, attending islamic educational classes and seminars, and visiting family up north.

Sajida Ali

British Pakistani
Profession: Accountant
Interests: Supporting community events, meeting and empowering people

Sajida was a regular visitor at the An-Nisa Coffee mornings, after meeting the volunteers she became inspired to become involved in volunteering. She is passionate about helping and meeting individuals, participating in events that bring the community together.

Sajida is a mother to two boys, she enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures.

Tas Raja

British Pakistani
Profession:  Stay at home mum
Interests: empowering vulnerable groups of society to fulfill their potential 

Tas has over 12 years experience of working with vulnerable children, young people and adults in education.  Tas helped to raise the retention and achievement levels at Tameside College where she was also one of the lead child protection and safeguarding officers, working extensively to support learners with a wide range of issues from mental health, online sexual exploitation and grooming, homelessness, forced marriages, substance misuse, domestic abuse and financial issues to name but a few.
Tas is also a qualified humanistic therapist and is able to offer individual and couples therapy.  Tas believes in empowering the most vulnerable groups of society to find their voice and recognise and achieve their full potential, she hopes that her work with An-Nisa Network will help facilitate much needed change by empowering women to step out of their comfort zones and challenge cultural stereotypes.