An-Nisa Network is making a significant impact in our community.  At a time where hate crime is a significant concern, An-Nisa as a leading voice for Muslim women.  It is at the forefront of tackling Islamophobia and other issuesof intolerance.

The only way to tackle ignorance is through engagement and An-Nisa are providing us an effective model for this.  Whether it’s holding fairs, educating people about Islam or putting on Lego groups for young people they are using creative ways to connect with all of Nottingham’s communities and we all are much better off for it.

Alex Norris
MP Nottingham North

An-Nisa Network was set up to engage ladies in the Nottingham area.  The group has big plans but started small.  A dedicated group of like minded sisters volunteering to help others.  I worked with this group of sincere sisters and have seen dedication and sacrifice, first hand. Please support this great cause in anyway you can

Imam Asif Ali
Co-Founder of Mums and Tots Wollaton

In 2017, the fiveways women’s committee hosted a joint event with An-Nisa Network group. The event, Macmillan World’s Biggest coffee morning was extremely successful and we managed to raise a large sum of money.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with An-Nisa Network. They were meticulous in their organisation and worked very hard to ensure the event was a success. The group has great ideas for events which will benefit and empower women and should be commended for all the time and effort they all put in which is done on a voluntary basis.

We hope the Fiveways women’s committee can work on many projects with An-Nisa Network in the future to help women from all backgrounds gain a voice and their rightful place in society.

Adeela Ahmed
Fiveways Women’s Committee

An-Nisa Network have carried out a range of successful events and activities for women, children and the Wollaton community at the Mosque, with a view to influence cultural change of opening doors of mosques for all communities and thus promoting integration and community cohesion.

The organisation is passionate in the work that they do and I have worked on several successful projects with the group, e.g. Community events, the production of Ramadan leaflets which was delivered to every household on Radford Bridge Road, to alleviate community tension and misconceptions, also the Ramadan dinner for non-Muslims.  An-Nisa Network are now working in partnership with the Wollaton Festival group to host events at the Mosque for the Wollaton Festival in July 2018.

I wholeheartedly support the work of An-Nisa Network as their efforts are much needed to strengthen the relationship with all members of the community in Wollaton.

Lylse-Anne Renwick
Neighbourhood Development Officer, Wollaton West

We were invited to have a stall at the Summer Fair at Wollaton Mosque in 2017 that An-Nisa Network delivered and we jumped at the opportunity.  The whole event was very organised and the team professional yet made us feel welcome.

We then went on to be the main sponsor of their Community Fundraiser for Rohingya Crisis In October 2017.  We were once again impressed with the execution and delivery of this event.  It was professional, well organised and well attended.

We have carried on with our working relationship with An-Nisa Network and will continue to do so.

Daniyaal Davis
Director and Main Instructor, Daniyaal’s Martial Arts Academy

Prior to being introducted to the Friday coffee morning, delivered by An-Nisa Network I would spend most of my time around my home chores whilst kids were at school.  I felt somewhat isolated and alone during the day and had no adult social interaction most days. I felt bored and wanted to meet other like-minded ladies in a social environment.

Then I was introduced to the coffee morning by a friend.  Coming here once a week was like a breath of fresh air, where I was warmly welcomed by the volunteers and attendees.  Over time i got to make lovely friends, which helped to increase my low levels of confidence by socialising with regular and new ladies.  With it being ladies only setting has helped enormously.

I feel i have personally developed by attending regularly over the past two years, so much so that i have myself become one of the regular volunteers, at the coffee morning, and volunteering at the other organised events.  To say the least the coffee morning has become a lifeline for me, somewhere I feel comfortable, welcome, safe, and at ease….wish I had found out about this place sooner.

Anonymous Volunteer

I think An-Nisa Network is fantastic and the ladies who run the group, and all the activities/seminars/learning tools they provide are hugely invaluable and are excellent and miles ahead of many other cities.

You are truly inspirational.


The ladies part of An-Nisa Network are amazing and make you feel so good and warm!

Was very nice and it made me really happy to be visited by sister Sultana, Saema, Asma when i gave birth to little Zain…  All the events and efforts that you ladies put in order to make this world a better place, helping the community, those in need and bringing more happiness and smiles on peoples faces!  This can be done only by women, by real, true, strong women! Being a strong woman doesnt mean one who has a business, drives a cool car and can compete with men.  A strong woman is the one who can dedicate herself to her family and to the wellbeing of the community.  This is the toughest of the roads! I feel special near you and I’m happy to have found you ladies

We are moving to Nottingham actually just because of you!! otherwise me and my husband prefer much more Derby as a city. But simply because you are in Nottingham and not Derby.  Well, we made that choice.

So, congratulations to you beautiful and awesome ladies of Nottingham and An-Nisa network and Happy Women’s day.


Muslim women are notoriously difficult to engage with in Nottingham, An-Nisa Network has changed this. An-Nisa Network are changing the narrative for women in Mosques – as they are opening doors and improving accessibility for women. They actively encourage participation of women and advocate on their behalf on key decisions that affect their lives.

An-Nisa Network contributions to hate crime work we led on has been pivotal – they enabled us to get the voices of women heard at a local level and this fed into national research, “The Missing Muslims – Unlocking British Muslim Potential for the Benefit of All” report from, and the result of, the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life.

An-Nisa Network team has attended our soup kitchen, Salaam Shaalom on a few occasions, where they cooked and served a hot meal for upto 100 members of our destitute communites. They are excellent in organising a team of women to deliver an event/project for the betterment of our communities in Nottingham. They care about our communities.

We partnered with An-Nisa Network to deliver a Ramadan dinner for non-Muslim neighbours at Wollaton Mosque in June 2017. Their role was key in getting the donations for catering, inviting the neighbours and developing the Ramadan quiz and presentations for the event. Their approach is professional, they are well connected in the community and get the job done. We enjoy working with them and will not hesitate to work with them again.

Sajid Mohammed
CEO Himmah