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Statement of Funding

An-Nisa Network vision is to empower women at Mosques. We are an independent female led charity. We are dedicated to deliver the best possible services to fulfil community needs. Delivering services means we do have to raise and spend money. As a charity we aim to be transparent and are happy to offer any information, […]

Launch of Sneinton coffee morning

Sneinton Coffee Morning Jamia Masjid Sultania was hustling and bustling this morning with the new sisters coffee morning Launch today of a weekly sisters coffee morning. We hope that many sisters will benefit going forward whilst developing a connection with the masjid. Thank you to our sponsors who made this possible: Magikats Daniyaal Martial Arts […]

Good News: Sneinton Coffee Morning

Good News? ?? An-Nisa Network are working with local sisters in Sneinton to set up a coffee morning at Jamia Sultania masjid. So if you live in Sneinton or nearby this could be for you! This aligns with our mission to empower women in Mosques, make them feel comfortable and welcomed to take part in […]

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Jesus (Eesa) from a Muslim’s perspective

What Christmas means to me as a Muslim Islamic teachings hold that Jesus (Eesa, pbuh) was a prophet and messenger, Messiah (Christ), similar to all other prophets that came before him and also similar to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who came as the final prophet and messenger of God to revive God’s message. Jesus (Eesa) from […]

Social action in mosques – Community Eid-ul Adha Event

An-Nisa Network hosted a diverse and vibrant Eid community event on Sunday 2nd September at Sherwood Mosque.  The event went really well, by far the most diverse one we have done.  The weather was on our side, so the event was very well attended.  Amongst the guests were: MP Alex Norris and MP Vernon Coaker […]

Ingredients for Success in Community Work

I was asked for my tips on how to run community initiatives. So here goes…. My ingredients for success in community work 1. Intention first and foremost all for pleasure of Allah. Success is from him alone 2. Organisational skills plenty of planning in advance. Organising resources and people. Your team need to know in […]


Hajj and Eid ul-adha (Festival of Sacrifice)

Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) Hajj is the name for pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Islam’s holiest site. It is the fifth of the Five Pillars of Islam and is an obligation for all Muslims, at least once in their lives, as long as they are physically able and can afford it. Hajj occurs […]

Hate Crime

Saema shared her experience of a hate incident on BBC East Midlands News on 9 May with the aim to influence change for many others. This news item was part of launching Nottingham Citizen’s research report “Still no place for Hate” on 10 May Be the change you want to see        

Nergis represents Muslim Community of Nottinghamshire

Nergis, An-Nisa Network trustee represented the Muslim community of Nottinghamshire at a press release on Thursday 28 March in response to a letter widely circulated inciting violence against the Muslim community on 3rd April 2018. Nergis read the following statement: “we request all citizens of Nottinghamshire and beyond to make a conscious efforts to counter […]

Women’s Self Defence Classes

We are the proud sponsors of Women’s only Self Defence Classes delivered by Daniyaal’s Martial Arts Academy Train with a female martial arts instructor Bianca, within an all female environment Classes will teach you: Street Awareness Gain self confidence Improved fitness and most importantly keeping safe! Have fun and make new friends. For further information […]