Nergis, An-Nisa Network trustee represented the Muslim community of Nottinghamshire at a press release on Thursday 28 March in response to a letter widely circulated inciting violence against the Muslim community on 3rd April 2018.

Nergis read the following statement: “we request all citizens of Nottinghamshire and beyond to make a conscious efforts to counter such hate by supporting the Muslim community on the 3rd of April. The Muslim Community continues to make a significant contribution to British society; we form the very fabric of our neighbourhoods  and will not be perturbed by those seeking to divide and sow discord in our communities.  Muslims are our working professionals, our neighbours, our colleagues, classmates and our friends down the road.  An attack on any part of our community is an attack on us all.

Our vision like, everyone else, is to live in a society that is compassionate, kind and committed to justice and peace.  Together, we need to combat the notion of ‘them and us’ so that as UK citizens we can live and prosper in a society where solidarity is practiced on a daily basis and especially in a time of crisis.

In the true spirit of community cohesion, we leave you with the words of Jo Cox:

We have more in common than that which divides us’.