Our Highlights for 2018

We continue to work at making impact at grassroot level with women at our ongoing Coffee Morning service – touching the hearts and souls of many women and children. Thank you to the local business who support this service.

We started a Lego club on a monthly basis. Providing a safe and stimulating space for boys to connect. Developing their educational and social skills.

We were out and about this year amongst many things we attended our local church and synagogue to have a coffee with our neighbours.

We attended care homes to provide company to the elderly citizens in our communities and also present them with Christmas gifts.

We reappeared at the Salaam Shalom Soup Kitchen to serve the destitute community in Nottingham.

Our community events to promote Islam in a positive light included the celebration of Eid ul Fitr in June at Wollaton Mosque and Eid ul Adha at Sherwood Mosque spearheaded and delivered by Muslim women.

Our women’s Empowerment programme included funding a self defence course for women in a mosque, workshops on various topics included delivery by MP Lilian Greenwood and Henrietta Szovati. We also like to have fun so we took a coach full of 83 women to the beach in summer.

We practice what we preach and have worked with wonderful local women’s groups and charities – Daaniyals Martial Arts Academy, Green Academy Trust, Wollaton Arts Festival.

And the most amazing part of it all is that all of this is achieved by volunteering alone. ANN Management team are all volunteers passionate to make change in masajids. A heartfelt thank you to all the beautiful souls who volunteer and support our cause in so many creative ways.

Check our website to get information on how you can get involved. We have an open arms policy ?

We have many exciting projects, activities and events lined up for 2019, watch this space and keep remembering us in your duas.