An-Nisa Network conducted an impact assessment of our services in early 2018, here is what you told us and what we will do….

Based on what you told us in our survey early 2018, we will deliver the following this year:

  • Develop our Friday coffee morning service by:
    • We now have a dedicated arts and crafts co-ordinator attending our Coffee Morning to deliver activities for pre-schoolers
    • Bespoke women’s empowerment workshops based on your feedback to be delivered in the coffee morning
    • Explore starting Islamic studies to take place straight after coffee morning
  • Teenage Empowerment Sessions
  • Women’s Empowerment Workshops (on topics you requested
  • Islamic Education
  • Strive where possible to arrange creche facility for women
  • Children workshops
  • Post Eid Celebrations with community

82.2% of respondents feel there is a need for teenage empowerment sessions

74% of respondents are interested in Islamic Education

67% of Women with children don’t mind paying for a crèche facility

Women want us to improve the coffee morning experience through specialised workshops on:

  • Islamic Education
  • Topics relating to life (marriage, parenting, motivational)
  • Health related awareness sessions
  • Improved arts and craft activities for pre-schoolers

Our popular services are:

  • Fundraising events (family, wider-community, social action, volunteering)

  • Coffee Mornings (to meet women & make friends)

  • Islamic Educational Classes (with creche facility)