Update from An-Nisa Network ?

?what we have delivered in 6 months since conducting Survey Jan 2018

☕Developed our Friday coffee morning service by

1. a dedicated arts and crafts co-ordinator to deliver activities for pre-schoolers

2.  Bespoke women’s empowerment sessions delivered during coffee morning  which included:

– 2 brunches where we provided food and treats for all service users

– changemakers workshop which included a health MOT

– invited MP Lilian and our Wollaton councillors Sally Longford and Cate Woodward so that women could get to know and talk to them.

– post Eid party for women and children

– session on heathly eating by a trained Nutritionist

– 2 workshops part of Wollaton Arts Festival – henna art and chocolate making bouquet workshop. This attracted many women from diverse cultures and faiths.

Certainly has been a busy and productive 6 months at the coffee morning

? Other womens services that we have delivered so far:

? Teenage Empowerment Sessions ?

Delivered a block of 4 workshops in April

? Women’s Empowerment Workshops (on topics you requested)

We have delivered:

Hijama and Cupping workshop
Goal setting workshop
A free 10 week self defence course in a culturally appropriate setting
Prophetic Medicine course

✅This month we are delivering:
Political empowerment workshop
Parenting workshop
Make your own skincare cream workshop

This month we are also taking a coach load of you for summer fun at Mablethorpe beach ??

? Islamic education

Tafseer class on going every Tuesday

Children are always welcome at all our events. If there are events that are not suitable we make you aware.

??  Children workshops

We have delivered 2 so far:
Animals in the Quran
Prophets in the Quran

? Post Eid Celebrations with larger community

We had our Eid ul Fitr community celebrations on 30 June with our non Muslim and Muslim community.

?Much more to come inshaAllah.

? keep up to date with past and future events on our website, Facebook page or join our whatsapp group/broadcast list.

Volunteers always needed and welcome. You will be provided with supervision, guidance and support, you will enjoy, progress and make friends.

If you would like to sponsor our events please get in touch.

We also welcome donations from the community to sustain and improve our services.

Check out our Facebook page

Amazing what volunteers can achieve. All of ANN committee volunteer their time to empower women in masajids.

? An-Nisa Network team ?

July 2018