An-Nisa Network would like to hear from you what services and activities you are interested in so that we can work on designing them with you for you.

We recognise the Covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on many women in different ways, we would like to reach out, help and support in whatever way we can.

It will only take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey, please click on this link to be directed

Please share as widely as possible with your female contacts.

If you have ideas and would like to work with us, please do get in touch and stay safe.


Please note due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, our services are currently on hold.  We are offering a virtual coffee morning for women.  We are on an ongoing basis monitoring government announcements and this helps us shape the delivery of our events.  You can also keep up date on our Facebook page.

An-Nisa Network vision is to empower women at Mosques. We are an independent female led charity.

We are dedicated to deliver the best possible services to fulfil community needs. Delivering services means we do have to raise and spend money.

As a charity we aim to be transparent and are happy to offer any information, including that of our financial affairs, on request.

Our income streams for Sneinton and Wollaton coffee mornings are from donations in kind and sponsorships that are clearly laid out on our promotional material.

We received a small grant from Nottingham Women’s Centre in 2019. They are funded by Nottingham City Council to support women’s groups and have a number of funding streams – the stream we fall under is empowering women

Thank you for your continuous support.  It means the world to us.

An-Nisa Network Charity Board

Registered Charity number 1180050

26 June 2020

Please check our facebook page for activities from 2019 to date


Sneinton Coffee Morning

Jamia Masjid Sultania was hustling and bustling this morning with the new sisters coffee morning

Launch today of a weekly sisters coffee morning. We hope that many sisters will benefit going forward whilst developing a connection with the masjid.

Thank you to our sponsors who made this possible:

Daniyaal Martial Arts Academy
PAK foods
Nisa Hair and Beauty
LRS – Loss Recovery Service
Davenport Insurance Brokers
Street Food Stop

Thank you to Cllr Neghat Khan for attending and supporting this service

And last but not least thank you to Shazia, Hafsa, Noreen, Fozia and Shagufta – the volunteers who have worked relentlessly hard behind the scenes to make this service available. May Allah accept all our efforts.

An-Nisa Network team ?

Saema Mohammad, founder of An-Nisa Network received an award ‘In appreciation of her dedicated service and outstanding accomplishments’ from Nottingham Equal on 8th March 2019, International Women’s Day.

She expressed her gratitude, “Truly humbled and honoured to receive an award at the International Women’s Day celebration for An-Nisa Networks’ contributions to the community.

This reward is not for me alone. Its an award for all An-Nisa Networks’ management team and all the wonderful strong and confident women who work with me with so much determination and passion.

I love you dearly! You all know who you are!

Hold your head up high and be proud of everything we have accomplished in mosques.”

Saema Mohammad with Alex Norris MP (left) and Police & Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping (right)

A Muslim woman has been empowering isolated women through a charity for five years and hopes to tackle the “increasing number of challenges Muslim women face” – such as Islamophobia, domestic abuse and male dominance in mosques.

Saema Mohammad founded the charity, An-Nisa Network, after moving to Nottingham from the west of Scotland with her husband and having her second child in 2012, where she found herself feeling “isolated” from the community. Read more…

What Christmas means to me as a Muslim

Islamic teachings hold that Jesus (Eesa, pbuh) was a prophet and messenger, Messiah (Christ), similar to all other prophets that came before him and also similar to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who came as the final prophet and messenger of God to revive God’s message.

Jesus (Eesa) from a Muslim’s Perspective

Jesus is referred to as Eesa (peace be upon him) in the holy Quran.  Eesa (pbuh) has been referred to in the holy Quran several times, a whole chapter is dedicated to his mother Mary (Maryam, peace be upon her).  The holy Quran was revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  The holy Quran along with prophet Muhammad (pbuh) guidance forms Muslim’s understanding of Jesus, the events behind the birth, life, teaching and miracles of Jesus.  In Islam, Eesa (pbuh) is the penultimate prophet and messenger of God sent with the Ingil (the gospel, part of the Bible).

Jesus was born to Mary (Maryam, pbuh). Mary was from a pious and devout family, niece of prophet Zachariah (peace be upon him) and cousin of John the Baptist (Yahiya – peace be upon him).  Mary devoted her life to the worship of God in the holy sanctuary in Jerusalem.  She was visited by the angel Gabriel (Jibraeel) to give her the news about the birth of a child named Jesus (Eesa, pbuh).  This shocked Mary (Maryam), who questioned how it was possible for her to have a child when no man had ever touched her (Quran 19:21).  Thus, she withdrew from people to hide her pregnancy and when she finally delivered the baby, she was commanded by God to go back to Jerusalem with Jesus.

When Mary (Maryam, pbuh) was reproached by people for committing a sin, she pointed towards Jesus (Eesa, pbuh) who spoke that he was appointed as a prophet by Allah (Quran 19:30-33).  Through Jesus, God wanted to revive the true message of Prophet Moses (Musa, peace be upon him) and all other prophets who had been sent before Jesus.  The message of all prophets was the same: to believe in the oneness of God, to worship God and to follow God’s commandments.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was always respectful towards people from different faiths.  Therefore, as Muslims we follow his guidance.   We embody the values of generosity, spirit of togetherness, sharing food and company.  As such, the fact is that Muslims do the same as everyone else who is not a practicing Christian at Christmas.  We re-charge our batteries, spend time with loved ones and enjoy the festive period.   There is usually a lot of food involved too!!

This year, An-Nisa (The Women’s) Network and Green Academy Trust are visiting Cherry Trees Residential Home and The Oaks Residential Home to extend the sense of togetherness and unity by spending time with them and sharing gifts.  If you wish to either donate or volunteer your time to this project, get in touch with An-Nisa Network team.

December 2018

An-Nisa Network hosted a diverse and vibrant Eid community event on Sunday 2nd September at Sherwood Mosque.  The event went really well, by far the most diverse one we have done.  The weather was on our side, so the event was very well attended.  Amongst the guests were:

  • MP Alex Norris and MP Vernon Coaker
  • Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping
  • Councillor Adele Williams

Alex opened the event for us, we followed with a short presentation on hajj.  This was very well received.

Paddy got involved in making the chappati making workshop.

We all ate food together, enjoyed the entertainment and made friendships with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  (well atleast that was what people who attended did, me and my team were rushed off our feet looking after everyone ? )

Some of the feedback  received was:

  • “…what a well organised programme u guys put up yesterday… we had a lovely family time.  My little one enjoyed a lot…congratulations to everyone who worked hard for it.”
  • “was a realy good event I was very impressed…… well done to everyone involved.  My kids enjoyed it and they are fussy”
  • “gratitude An Nisa, it was a great atmosphere and lovely event Robina with so much of interest”
  • “absolutely, brilliant atmosphere and event”
  • “so proud of you all to bring such integration and harmony x applaud to you all”

Thank you for your support in enabling us to continue to deliver services for the benefit of our communities.

September 2018.

Saema shared her experience of a hate incident on BBC East Midlands News on 9 May with the aim to influence change for many others.

This news item was part of launching Nottingham Citizen’s research report “Still no place for Hate” on 10 May

Be the change you want to see





Nergis, An-Nisa Network trustee represented the Muslim community of Nottinghamshire at a press release on Thursday 28 March in response to a letter widely circulated inciting violence against the Muslim community on 3rd April 2018.

Nergis read the following statement: “we request all citizens of Nottinghamshire and beyond to make a conscious efforts to counter such hate by supporting the Muslim community on the 3rd of April. The Muslim Community continues to make a significant contribution to British society; we form the very fabric of our neighbourhoods  and will not be perturbed by those seeking to divide and sow discord in our communities.  Muslims are our working professionals, our neighbours, our colleagues, classmates and our friends down the road.  An attack on any part of our community is an attack on us all.

Our vision like, everyone else, is to live in a society that is compassionate, kind and committed to justice and peace.  Together, we need to combat the notion of ‘them and us’ so that as UK citizens we can live and prosper in a society where solidarity is practiced on a daily basis and especially in a time of crisis.

In the true spirit of community cohesion, we leave you with the words of Jo Cox:

We have more in common than that which divides us’.